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Pictures of  some of  laser cut items that have been made for DIY crafters or personalised items made for clients.

Personalised Gifts, Event Décor,Trophies,Funeral Badges and MDF Cutouts for DIY projects

There have been the occasional request to laser mark “ wood marking “ to personalise or “brand” a wooden item  .

Generic display stands were not suitable for this application, and customised display stands were made to meet the requirement

Pesonalised cake toppers, Mr&MRS signage, table seating notice boards, engraved glasses, gift post boxes are a few of the products that have been provided for events and wedding receptions

Product displays were designed to utilise available footprint space and maximise product exposure.

Engraved funeral badge with take home display stand, click here for more info on this unique product

Personalised décor items always have a place at events to compliment generic décor, to add that personal touch to the event. Personalised items are made to customer requirements. Here are a few examples of personalised items that have been made for celebration events.

A series of miniature houses were requested by an architectural company. The client decorated the houses which they used as a board room display item  

Wooden mosaic picture, cut out of 3mm ply wood and mounted on a backing board

Samples of MDF cutouts for DIY or crafters to use in their projects.

Engraved, cost effective “Take Home” trophies

A few samples from a range of boxes for, biltong,dried fruit and nuts was developed for a game farm , for an event for international guests

Embroidery machinery is designed to embroider material and not tougher items such as leather. To achieve the desired effect, leatherette was used as the base for the embroidery designs

 The box is a combination of 3 mm 3ply wood and MDF. With a leatherette insert and detailed animal embroidery. The embroidery was specially designed and stitched in house, making this a unique product to craftbin-vaal.

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Funeral Badge and Display CutOuts-Mobi Take Home Trophies

Keep Sake Memory boxes. Designed to be loaded from the base, where the base is held in place with clips. This design makes sure that items in the box are safe once the clips have been inserted to hold the base in place

An individual wine and laser engraved glass set done for a 21st. The design is a combination of 3 mm 3ply wood and 3 mm MDF (painted black)


The wine box design was later used by a new car dealer in Natal, who used the wine box  design, engraved with the company logo as part of their promotional products.

MDF corporate promotional  wine gift sets that were branded with the company logo

A series of MDF gift boxes, made in different sizes, with a removable window. This window concept allows clients to self personalise or re-purpose and re-use the boxes.  

Hanging display with picture holder and personalised engraving

mHanging Display CutOuts-Mobi Take Home Trophies Funeral Badge and Display mHanging Display

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Die Rooi Suitcase

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Prices may change from time to time based on raw material costs.