Gallery Of Unique Products Designed and Manufactured For Clients With Distinguishing Product Requirements

A large brewery in Midvaal, had a requirement to showcase their different beers and gins to their customers.

The solution was a custom designed “taster tray”, to boldly reflect their brand. Each glass holder cut-out, was engraved with the applicable name  for easily product identification.

Taster Tray Taster Trays2

Trays during production

Brewery Taster Trays Laser Cut Calendar Cover Sheets

A renowned graphic company, who designs and prints exclusive calendars as one of their specialities, had a requirement to produce a cover sheet for their “wild life” calendars for 2022, that would set them apart from their competitors. Working from their basic concept mock-up, the cover sheets were laser cut out of 320g coated paper.

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Gift Boxes For A Lodge

For this project, the brief was wooden laser cut boxes, with highly detailed

wild life embroider, depicting Africa’s wild life. No aspect of the project was outsourced.

The box and embroidery designs were created and produced, making this a unique one of a kind product. Each box had to have a key hole cut in its base, to allow the box to be hung on a wall as a display item, after its use as a gift box

Gift Boxes6 Gift Boxes5 Gift Boxes4 Gift Boxes2

On the back of the wild life gift box project, came another. To use the embroidery designs to create framed pictures for another lodge. These were approximately A5 in size, stitched  on a leatherette material to create the leather effect. The same concept was used during the manufacture of the gift boxes. Here are some of the embroidered pictures that were created and framed for this assignment

Embroidered Pictures5 Embroidered Pictures4 Embroidered Pictures3 Embroidered Pictures2 Embroidered Pictures6 Embroidered Pictures1 embroidery4 embroidery2 embroidery3 embroidery1 embroidery5 Embroidered Pictures For Another Lodge Distinguished Wine Set Wine Set1 Wine Set2

A client requested a custom made wine box with a matching wine glass box for his daughter.'s 21st. It had to be distinguished in appearance. The contents had to be able to be displayed. This design consisted of a double box for each item. The inner display box was stained black to enhance its appearance. The outer box was made from 3mm wood and fitted snuggly over the inner box.

This product later became the clients year end corporate gift for his customers.

Laser Cut Mosaic Picture

Here are some of the boxes and embroideries that were created.

papercut2 Laser Cut Mosaic Picture

A client required this mosaic picture to complete his woodworking project.

The design was cut out of a singe sheet of 3 mm wood. Each piece was then individually finished and stained according to the requirements.All the pieces where then assembled and mounted on a back board.


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